Red Team with Mimikatz, Python, and a spear phish.

by asdf

What my friends think I’ll do when they tell me their computer are infected

by n0secure

The first time you see assembly language

by @defcon831

What it’s like when you finally understand assembly

by @defcon831

After being fired from a shitty blue team gig

by C-P

When you accidentally sweep the whole subnet & set off the honeypot alarms

by MJ Tom

Interviewer: “So, what made you want to switch from sofware engineering to infosec?”

by @cl0pen

When support asks to leave the remote access open all weekend

by @jczucco

You audit an appliance and you find this : “<?php function get_chuck_norris_quote() “

by @arnaudsoullie

Exiting the bank after my debit card was cancelled because of a script kiddie

(Who happened to hack one of the websites I’ve used online.)

by @InterN0T

Say it with pixels.
By aloria.