First machine scanned during a pentest is vulnerable to MS08-067 #DomainAdminBeforeLunch

by @norsec0de

Skiddie using his brand-new Pineapple during Defcon 22

by @fdfalcon

Using an ATM at Rio Hotel during DEF CON

by @jczucco

When the Alexis Park floormat is on the scavenger hunt list

by ryanlrussell

After Reviewing Numerous Bar Receipts From Defcon

by @iamlei

After I practiced my demo 100 times with no issues at all

by @joshdustin

Stepping up on stage to give first DEFCON talk

by @ 

Code designed to exfiltrate information from the malware sandbox

by ryanlrussell

When companies publish their internal security strategy, to show how secure they are

by @joshdustin

Whenever the “breaker vs. builder” debate re-emerges

by @aloria

Say it with pixels.
By aloria.