When your $10k+ IPS Fails Open

And it doesn't tell you what traffic went through.

by Yeah_Right

Email client private key instead of public (supposed to be the expert)

by bungle

Reading Kaspersky’s new blog post

Context: https://securelist.com/blog/research/66108/el-machete/

by @bartblaze

yet another talk with “cyber” in the title

by @a_z_e_t

SSL Handshake successful

by jopito

MRW the customer launches the product with MY self signed cert.

by anonymous submission

MRW explaining how a man in the middle attack dependent on a race condition works.

by Stanky

When HR emails all staff saying don’t update Java because it breaks the training webapp.

by @norsec0de

"You should escalate this issue to the senior security engineer on call"

by andrew

The latest anti 0-day APT technology from $vendor

by torbjorn 

Say it with pixels.
By aloria.