Being asked for the report of a pen test on a really good client…

…and you pretty much didn’t find anything

by @BrandonPrry

"Our #SIEM Project Was Going Just Fine … And Then This Happened"

by @anton_chuvakin

When your BlackHat class gets cancelled

by @mubix


by @gotmoreshell 



by @cl0pen


by fu

Thanks for all the OSSEC

Thanks for setting up OSSEC for us. WOW! That’s a lot of alerts…can you disable them?

by @shunkydave

What it feels like to be a sales guy at an anti-APT vendor

by anonymous submission

Forwarding firewall logs to my syslog server

by Cornel du Preez 

When the domain administrator changes the password mid-pentest.

by davienthemoose

Say it with pixels.
By aloria.