Sitting at Starbucks, and suddenly overhear table next to me discussing sslstrip results

by @glennzw

When I realised “Mom” wasn’t actually a parody account

by caseyjohnellis

after finishing an hour long discussion with the client and schooling them on why their security policy is garbage

by e0s

"Hey, could you take down $site for me?"

by @BetaMechazawa

When user request to open “random ports on the firewall” and also “but I dont know which ones yet”

by Mr K

When a user emails me their password in plain text…

by Arr0way

Me waiting for my 1 gig Burp state to save..

by AIM9_X

When I went to dumpster diving

by mondee

My first CTF

by _Wiz

Having second thoughts on enforcing SELinux after learning about Heartbleed

by Petrucci 

Say it with pixels.
By aloria.