Having second thoughts on enforcing SELinux after learning about Heartbleed

by Petrucci 

When my family asks me which company I’ve successfully penetrated as a pentester

by Anonymous

"Compliance risk assessment"

By Anonymous

Getting early notification about Heartbleed

by anonymous submission

"Hey, have you heard about this ‘Heartbleed’ bug? Check out this article."

by @cl0pen

client asking you to fill in a survey about your potential heartbleed exposure….with a surveymonkey survey

by anonymous submission

client inquiry: please respond immediately if you are infected with the heartbleed virus

by anonymous submission

When the sysadmin tells me that the office network is fully accessible from the dmz ON PURPOSE

by ZouzWhite

Learning our EHR vendor is getting rid of VPN in favor of public HTTPS with nothing but username / password for access controls.

by Travis

Finding out the domain I flagged to the client as ‘imminent threat’ was sinkholed

by FML

Say it with pixels.
By aloria.