SSL Handshake failed

by Mikant

Installing Strikeback on pfSense

by The Danger

Watching geohot do live CTF and realising I suck

by darth nipz

This PoC should be harmless

by sirmodok

CSO discovers we bypassed millions of dollars worth of security technology

by @AdvancedThreat

Trying to get to the technical person at a vendor stand…

… when a salesman intercepts you.

by @gsuberland

"So you work in computer security? What’s that like? I hear tech jobs are awesome!"

by @cl0pen

Users want a place to share files and an admin proposes the “cleanest solution” is to chmod 777 everyone’s home directories

by @joshdustin

First attempt at social engineering using a fake name, trying to sound natural and calm

by @joshdustin

Sidling up to the “Security Rockstars” speakers at DEF CON

by @jczucco

Say it with pixels.
By aloria.