giving a client their assesment report password

by @defcon831 

Sales report after Windows XP end of support

by @jczucco

When the client asks if Burp can be used to brute force an encrypted thumb drive

by @jamcut

Just use TOR, its totally fine ….

mr shnurble

Being told to quit my vnc research, but when asked for a reason being told “I don’t have time to educate you”

by viss

Am I the only one in here who doesn’t give a fuck?

@Viss “finds” something that shouldn’t be online

by iamcolbot

First time using Metasploit

by @hackerhuntress

As an attacker, staying ahead of security engineers who were earlier taught what ‘grep’ and ‘tail’ are.


by viss

Sitting through another RSA talk with your CEO


by @JZdziarski

Got a brand new ESXi lab machine

by @norsec0de

Say it with pixels.
By aloria.